Religious Schools in Pakistan: Education System, Problems and Possible Solutions


  • حافظ ابن اسد ،استاذ الحدیث جامعۃ المحصنات لاہور Author


Education System, Religious, Pakistan, Madaris


This article is about madaris education system in Pakistan. The central status of religious schools in the Islamic world is not achieved by any other institution. The greater the religious consciousness in the public circles of any Islamic country, the greater the influence of schools. The importance of schools can be estimated from the fact that sometimes a religious madrassa is the center of activity of several sub-madrasas, mosques, Quran centers and libraries as well as religious and social activities

When we look at the situation of religious madrasahs established in an Islamic country like Pakistan, we have to admit that religious madrasahs do not have the central importance they should in the public circles. If not found, his grip on the public is read as loose and the graph of his popularity among the people also comes down. Then people start considering such institutions as a burden on the society or see them as blessed archeological buildings. This also happens because a building that does not meet the contemporary requirements automatically becomes part of the archeology.


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