Withdrawal Policy

1. Introduction

This withdrawal policy outlines the procedures and financial implications for students withdrawing from Al Noor Institution (hereafter referred to as "Al Noor"). Al Noor understands that circumstances may necessitate student withdrawal, and this policy aims to provide a clear and fair framework for both the institution and the student/guardian.

2. Notification of Withdrawal

Students or guardians must submit a formal written withdrawal notification to the designated Al Noor administrative office. This notification should include the student's name, identification number, and the effective date of withdrawal.

3. Withdrawal Timeframes and Financial Implications

  • Prior to Semester Start: If a student withdraws before the semester commences, a full refund of any tuition fees paid will be granted.

  • During the Semester: Al Noor implements a tiered fee structure based on the withdrawal timeframe:

    • Withdrawal during Week 1-2: A minimal administrative fee (specify amount) will be retained, and the remaining tuition fees will be refunded.
    • Withdrawal during Week 3-X (define timeframe): A percentage (specify percentage) of the total semester fees will be retained, with the remaining amount refunded. (Consider a sliding scale here, with higher retention for later withdrawals).
    • Withdrawal after (defined date): No refunds will be granted for withdrawals after this date.

4. Exceptions

Al Noor recognizes there may be extenuating circumstances that necessitate withdrawal beyond the student's control. In such cases, students/guardians may petition for a full or partial refund by submitting a formal appeal to the designated Al Noor administrative committee. Documentation supporting the extenuating circumstances must be included with the appeal. The committee will review each appeal on a case-by-case basis.

5. Outstanding Fees

Students with outstanding balances on their accounts at the time of withdrawal must settle these balances before official withdrawal is complete. Failure to settle outstanding fees may impact future enrollment or the release of academic transcripts.

6. Effective Date

This withdrawal policy becomes effective . Al Noor reserves the right to revise this policy at any time. Notification of any changes will be made through the official Al Noor channels.

7. Contact Information

For any inquiries regarding the withdrawal policy, please contact the editor@al-noor.com.pk.