Plagiarism Policy

Al-Noor Journal is committed to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity and ethical research practices. Plagiarism is a serious offense that undermines the credibility of research and scholarship. This policy outlines the expectations for authors submitting manuscripts to our journal.


  • Plagiarism: The act of presenting the ideas, words, or work of another person as one's own without proper attribution. This includes:
    • Direct plagiarism: Copying text verbatim from another source without quotation marks or proper citation.
    • Paraphrasing plagiarism: Rephrasing another person's ideas without proper attribution.
    • Mosaic plagiarism: Borrowing ideas or phrases from multiple sources without proper citation.
    • Self-plagiarism: Reusing significant portions of your own previously published work without proper citation.

Expectations for Authors

  • All submitted manuscripts must be original work conducted by the authors.
  • Authors must properly cite all sources used in their research, following a recognized citation style guide (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago).
  • Direct quotations must be enclosed in quotation marks and attributed to the original source.
  • Paraphrased material must be clearly distinguished from the author's own ideas and properly cited.

Detection and Consequences

All submitted manuscripts will be screened for plagiarism using plagiarism detection software. Manuscripts with a significant degree of plagiarism will be rejected or returned to the authors for revision.

  • First offense: If plagiarism is detected before publication, the authors will be notified and given the opportunity to revise their manuscript.
  • Second offense: If plagiarism is detected after publication, the journal reserves the right to retract the article and notify the author's institution.

Additional Considerations

  • Authors are encouraged to consult with their institutions' plagiarism policies and resources.
  • Authors are responsible for ensuring that all co-authors are aware of and comply with this plagiarism policy.


Al-Noor Journal is committed to fostering a culture of academic integrity and originality. By adhering to this plagiarism policy, authors can ensure the credibility and value of their research contributions.