Copyright and Publishing Rights


"Al Noor" journal publishes scholarly articles across various disciplines, offering a platform for researchers to disseminate their findings. Understanding copyright and publishing rights associated with the journal is crucial for both authors submitting manuscripts and readers accessing the published content.

Copyright Ownership

Based on the information available on Europub [1], "Al Noor" likely retains copyright for published articles. This is because the Europub entry indicates "False" for authors retaining unrestricted copyright.

Author Rights

While authors might not hold full copyright, it's important to determine the extent of their rights. An ideal scenario would be "Al Noor" adhering to an open access model with a clear author rights statement. This statement would typically specify authors' rights to:

  • Share pre-prints (versions before peer review)
  • Use a specific Creative Commons license for their work (e.g., CC BY allowing reuse with attribution)

The absence of an open access statement on Europub suggests "Al Noor" might have a more restrictive copyright policy. Authors should consult the journal's website or submission guidelines for details on:

  • Copyright transfer agreements
  • Author self-archiving policies (where and how authors can share their work)

Recommendations for Authors

  • Negotiate copyright: If "Al Noor" requires copyright transfer, consider negotiating to retain specific rights, such as the ability to share your work on your own website or repository.
  • Explore Creative Commons licenses: If "Al Noor" offers Creative Commons licenses, choose one that aligns with your desired level of openness for your work.
  • Consult with a librarian: University librarians are experts in copyright and open access. They can advise you on navigating "Al Noor"'s specific policies.


Understanding copyright and publishing rights for "Al Noor" is essential for authors to make informed decisions about submitting their work. While the current information suggests "Al Noor" retains copyright, authors should seek further details from the journal's website or directly contact the editors. Negotiating copyright terms or utilizing Creative Commons licenses can ensure authors retain some control over their work even after publication.