A Critical Review of Naeem Siddiqui's Ghazal Goi

نعیم صدیقی کی غزل گوئی کا تنقیدی جائزہ


  • *زوبیہ لطیف (ایم فل اسکالر Author


Poetry, Analysis, Traditional Poetry


This article is about composing by name sidiqi. composing of ghazal is the most important and reliable tradition of Urdu poetry.  that if it is excluded from the Urdu literature, the bloom of literature its atmosphere will start to look depressed and lifeless. Similarly, Rashid Ahmad Siddiqui has also described Ghazal as the prestige of Urdu poetry. 2 Rather, it should be understood that wherever Urdu poetry is mentioned, the mind is first inclined towards Ghazal. Ghazal is actually the name of this light-hearted, imaginative and painful state of speech which is born from the combination of emotions of pain and passion. It is especially striking in sweet style and imaginative words. The main feature of this slow music of words and emotions is that its delicacy is not affected by any kind of gravity and any kind of restraint. The structure of Ghazal is outwardly formed by soft, smooth and sweet words, but its soul emerges from the subtleties that are the result of pleasure, pain and passion


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