Halal and Haram: Shariah rules of food products

حلت و حرمت :غذائی مصنوعات کے شرعی احکام


  • محمد سرفراز اجمل ریسرچ سکالر ادارہ معارف اسلامی منصورہ لاہور Author


Food Products, Halal, Harmful, Shariah, Health


This article is about Food products. Food is the greatest need of man and his life depends on it, but it is also a fact that some things are morally or health-wise harmful for man and protecting man from hazards is the main purpose of Shariah. Therefore, Islam has guided the detailed rules of halal and haram. Food is of the greatest importance in the life of a human being, as it is responsible for his physical safety and mental and spiritual health, it also has an impact on the private life of a human being and also on his collective life. It is also involved in worship and ethics, the action of a man is affected by it and his perspective and vision, good food produces good blood and flesh, and good blood and flesh produce a good human being. With pure food, one's inner being is purified, this is the greatest success of the individual and the nation, that is why Islam has emphasized on dietary purity.


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